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Welcome to InsuranceDataDepot.Com, Insurance Law Library!

This site is part of the Beard Group, which offers a comprehensive range of leading-edge products and services to legal and business professionals that includes traditional and electronic publishing, databank document search and delivery and conferences.

InsuranceDataDepot.Com focuses on our products which help insurance legal and business professionals stay on top of anything relevant to their work.

Layoffs & Cutbacks, a weekly e-mail service that identifies national, regional, and local businesses and plants in transition through layoffs, closings, and work force reductions. Find out more by clicking here.

The Class Action Reporter covers all major class action litigation throughout the United States and is specially useful to class action professionals and parties to such. It delivers every business day through your email box all the late-breaking events, new cases, current developments and much more.

InsuranceDataDepot.Com gives you all the expertly chosen new works and reprint litigation books from Beard Books.